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Getting to recover from rhinoplasty with the minimum of post operative complications

Rhinoplasty is an operation that sometime can turn rougher at the post operative period. There exist two procedures for this operation, one is the open and the other is the closed method.  The difference between these methods is all about the additional level of cut upon the body to get a better exposure to the noses. The surgeons go for the open method to remove the skin layer from the nostril Subsequent alterations are attempted to improve the way the person appears. During the stages of recovery, the patients are seen to experience some of annoyance or irritation. This article shall discuss the “dos” and the “Don’ts” that the Rhinoplasty Delhi surgeons advices to the patients during their recovery tenure.

Do's that needs to be followed during the recovery stage

During this phase, should the individual going for the surgery desires not to experience any complications, they have to comply adhere to recommendations and the instructions of the surgeons. The recommendations commonly shall be the followings:

  • The wound caused of the surgery has to be kept packed with the stuffing that the surgeons make on the nostrils to hold together the lining of the mucosal and the septum. In case the patient neglects this, the effect is the deformation of the operation part that can only be remedied with subsequent operations. This means greater complications and the scaling up of unwanted expenses. Yet another adverse effect in nod adhering to this clause shall be the occurrence of more bleeding from the operated part that can have the worst of the effects in the post operative tenure. Normally, the patients need to bear this packing for a period of a week from the date of operation.
  • The patient, for his own safety and security, has to ensure that he takes the prescribed medicines. Refraining from it the results can only be experience of discomfort and pain.
  • Often to cope with the paining sensation, the patients are seen to tough up the operated nose. This is not to be done at all as it might lead to the complete de-orientation of the structure of the nose.
  • Medications prescribed to fight the probable infections, are to taken accordingly.

Don'ts to be followed by the patients during the post operative stage

  • The patient should never try to scratch or touch his new nose for next few days
  • The patient should not go to sleep keeping his head at the same level of his body. The head has to get an elevated level while to sleep.
  • During the recovery stage, the patient should not bend his head to such extent that his head goes below the level of torso.
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Best Cosmetic Surgeon India

Best Cosmetic Surgeon India

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Cosmetic surgery is a great way to get rid of unwanted flab and beautify those body parts that one does not feel comfortable with. It can be your nose, chin, arms, legs, tummy or any other part which has been pestering you, thereby, destroying your peace of mind and damaging your self confidence. What nature did not bless you with is now possible with the help of plastic surgeons. These specialists use the most up-to-date techniques to give you your dream shape. One such place with best cosmetic surgeons is CoCoona Cosmetic Surgery.

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